A painful back, knee and other aches and pains – listen to your feet
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A painful back, knee, hip and other aches and pains: what does this have to do with your feet?

As we get older, many of us begin to suffer from knee, hip and back complaints. Did you know that it is often the feet that give us warning signals about such complaints throughout the entire body. Muscular deficits, misalignments and excessive strain to the feet are often the cause of any complaint of pain in the body, regardless of which body part it concerns. This then leads to incorrect posture as a consequence of pain compensation, meaning that problems can arise in other areas of the body. Conventional medicine places a focus on individual organs rather than whole organ systems. We, however, recognise the importance of caring for the whole musculoskeletal system.When complaints with the feet arise you are actually most likely experiencing a chronic condition, even though it may appear that the symptoms have come out of nowhere.

In fact, when you experience pain in your feet, it is usually one final strain that has triggered an underlying condition. Your feet are exceptionally robust, but this also means that they are prone to “suffering in silence” when it comes to ailments so to speak, even if they have suffered with them for a long time.

Very few people think about the health of their feet: how can I keep my feet healthy for life? Which things are good for my feet? Which things are harmful to them? We will address these questions below. When you think about it, it is our feet who are the real Sioux “customers” when it comes to buying shoes. It goes without saying that high customer satisfaction is highly important to us.


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