Wearing Sioux shoes helps to keep your feet healthy
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How Sioux helps to keep your feet healthy

Experience, know-how and a passion for shoemaking. Those are the makings of an excellent shoe manufacturer

We pride ourselves on being a shoe manufacturer with heart and soul and we have been that way for six decades. We have successfully competed with the numerous business alliances in our industry, whilst most other smaller shoe manufacturers vanished from the market.  This is not the case for Sioux, however, and we can still be found at the same company site as where we situated in our year of establishment in 1954. The reason why? Simple: because everything we do, we do well, we take our time and we expect nothing but perfection. As result, we have kitted out several generations with our high-quality footwear, featuring expert know-how and experience inbuilt into every last shoe that leaves our factories.

Even today, our development, planning and purchasing departments are still situated at the company site in Walheim. This is where the entire design process of our products takes place, meaning that the designing, planning and specification all take place here – from the initial conception right to the finished product. We know every thread, eyelet, and shoe lace that goes into making our shoes. It goes without saying that overviewing each and every process makes things a little more complicated for ourselves, but it is thanks to this that we can be certain of the perfect quality of the end product when it comes to our shoes.


The feet truly are works of art. That is why it is crucial to wear footwear that fits perfectly. It should be as flexible as possible.

As we have already described in detail in this blog, the feet are highly complex natural wonders – it is only fair that shoes should be equally well-designed.

The key to a good fit is the last and perfectly tailor-made development processes. It is worth mentioning that lasts are made individually for the left and right shoes. Having adequate grip mainly comes down to the grip at the heels, as this is important for having a good foothold and ensures that the shoe fits perfectly throughout the entire roll-through movement of the foot. This is why our shoes feature a tighter fit at the back, in order to ensure good support in this area. This, however, is not the case for the forefoot area, which requires ample room for all three dimensions (width, length and height) – something which is required for the entire range of movements the feet make, including the roll-through movement of the foot. We leave nothing to chance when it comes to developing our shoes.

The measurements for the balls of the feet, the instep height, shoe measurements, toe section height, as well as the shore hardness of the sole and its abrasion-resistance and the heel – there are Sioux standards for every parameter and all of these standards are expertly coordinated. The perfect interplay between all these elements is essential for ensuring that the shoe provides an excellent fit. Our customers truly value this. Sioux customers usually stay with us for life – a fact that we are overwhelmingly proud of.

Now, we come back to the most important feature alongside fit (it goes without saying that a shoe should fit perfectly): The second most import point is the flexibility of the shoe. No – we are not referring to the cushioning, although that is the first thing that would come to most people’s minds. A shoe can be classed as flexible if it does not hinder the roll-through movement of the foot. This way, the perfectly-executed natural design of our feet can function as it is supposed to.

In short: a shoe has exemplary flexibility if you can bend it (i.e. bend the heel and the toe area towards each other) so that the sole takes a V form. The back of the foot (i.e. the section where you put your foot into the shoe) needs more stability, whilst the front sections needs to be flexible. That is the secret to creating a good shoe – something that we are able to do for your feet. When it comes down to it, it is your feet that are our customers, and everything we do centres around their well-being. When it comes to fit, we don't make any compromises, which is what makes us different to many other brands and factories.


An attractive exterior but a low-quality inner? Not with us!

For us, the perfect fit is a necessity when it comes to making a good shoe. We all know, however, that the fit is not the only criteria when it comes to shoe design. It goes without saying that footwear must also be fashionable and look good at the same time. That is why we pay attention to the fine finishing of the outer surfaces, as well as stylish colours, innovative materials and fashionables styles. Our shoes must make our customers secure in their sense of style as well and provide them with a secure fit. As you would expect, we only use the very best materials for you. That doesn’t just go for the shaft (shoe upper), but also the complete interior composition (shoe lining). This is why our shoes are fully lined, with a few exceptions such as our summer moccasins (which are to be worn barefoot) whilst other manufacturers try to save materials where the can by craftily lining only the visible sections of the inner shoe with high quality materials. That is why you will not find bargain-priced Sioux shoes, but rather high-quality products that are worth every penny.


As ever, leather is our material of choice – and for good reason

We are a classic leather shoe manufacturer in the sense that we use leather whenever and wherever we can. This is a very conscious decision from us here at Sioux. Leather is a natural product with unrivalled material properties, which can be seen with its flexibility, softness, versatility and moisture balance. The foot climate also has special importance when it comes to the well-being of your feet, as a shoe must be able to absorb and expel the moisture that the foot releases throughout the day. No material does this like leather. Try for yourself: wear a pair of Sioux shoes without socks for a day. Now try doing the same with a pair of synthetic shoes (like trainers). It will not take you long to notice the difference. In fact, this is not the only ideal property that leather offers when it comes to shoemaking: leather is also robust and durable – perfect for a Sioux shoe. Finally, it is important to us that our shoes can be enjoyed season after season.


What we do for your feet, and where you come in

Sioux shoes are designed to accompany you through the long and often rocky path that is life. They are there to support, protect, relieve and caress your feet, as well as keeping them healthy. We do as much as we possibly can for your feet. Always remember, however, how crucial lots of movement is for your feet. Taking care to keep your feet healthy is just as important as having the excellent and flexible footwear that fits well – and that is where you come in. We want to share our 10 tips on excellent foot care with you. Your feet will thank for it. Always taking good care of your feet – foot care that lasts a lifetime. That is the goal.


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