The moccasin - elaborate, tradtional craftsmanship since 1954
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Elaborate, traditional craftsmanship

It is our favourite as it is so comfortable to wear. The soft leather fits perfectly like a glove over the entire foot. Moccasins were originally worn by Native Americans. The moccasin can justifiably be described as mankind's most natural and original shoe. It has been treasured since living memory because it fits the foot individually and can also be worn barefoot. No other shoe earns the attribute: man's second skin.

We see ourselves as the inventor of the moccasin in Germany. It was Sioux which, as the first-ever manufacturer, launched this shoe on the German market.Anybody, who addresses the history of Sioux, should know the following story: The ancestors of the company’s founder Peter Sapper were Germans living in exile in Guatemala, Central America. Between World Wars I and II, the family returned to Germany. The family owned coffee plantations in the picturesque north of Guatemala.  Guatemala was, and is even today, the Central American country with the highest indigenous population. Descendants of the Mayas still wore their traditional clothing at the beginning of the 20th century. Their footwear consisted of handmade moccasins, as was the case with all indigenous people in America. Provided with this source of inspiration, young Peter Sapper returned to Germany. In 1954, he founded our company. Mr Sapper searched for an indigenous name for his new shoe company.

An indigenous name that was already known in Germany through the books of Karl May and that had a simple pronounciation in all languages. The first pair of shoes that was produced in an old slipper factory that had been deserted in World War II was a pair of moccasins.

The Sioux moccasin became a real story of success and it is still, today, a defining model in the Sioux collection. The hand-stitched moccasin seam that is visible on the top of the shoe is its stylish trademark. The moccasin style is the most frequently made model of our shoes manufactured. It is therefore no wonder that we still see ourselves as the market leader when it comes to moccasins.

The distinctive moccasin stitching

Elaborately sewn by hand, braid stitching is used over the entire length of the shaft.

Perfect fit

The last shapes the perfect moccasin. The moccasin shaft is pulled over the last like a sock and smoothed.

Arch support

When incorporating the stabilising shank, particular care and expertise are required. The shank guarantees the best support for the foot when flexing.

Applying the outsole

The shaft is positioned exactly on the flexible leather outsole and pressed for a permanent connection.


The casual yet elegant men's shoe from Sioux. The San Crispino seam, which gives its name to this construction, has a sporty look and offers great flexibility. For the foot to be able to roll through softly in the shoe, the flexible insole should extend slightly above the last.


The construction technique of these shoes, which hails from the USA state of the same name, ensures that the wearer is light on his feet. The special textile midsole gives the shoe its comfortable cushioning. On the outside, the California shoe is characterised by its striking California stripe: A stripe of leather from the upper that is stitched around the lower shaft. 


A mini revolution took place in 1911 when the Milan-based tanner Francesco Rampichini invented a new, permanent way of bonding leather. This light and shape-retentive construction method went down in the history of shoemaking as AGO (Another Great Opportunity).


The shoe is comfortable and flexible as well soft and light on the inside – just like a mocassin. When the Sacchetto technique is employed, the soft leather used for the lining is sewn together like a small sack (Ital.: sacchetto) and integrated into the upper. The supple leather cocoons the foot like a glove.


Why are there so many different shoe models? The construction technique used by Sioux depends on what the shoe will be worn for and what the wearer requires from it. Because, ultimately, the shoe must have a perfect fit.


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