We reveal the secret of our unique fit
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The perfect fit

We reveal the secret of our fit

As the foot performs a rolling motion when walking, it bears your weight in various areas and thus changes shape  in doing so. The hallmark of a perfect-fitting shoe is that the toes and the foot itself have enough space within the shoe throughout this rolling motion and that the heel experiences sufficient grip. When a shoe fits, the heel does not slip out of the back of the shoe, and the shoe sits so perfectly in the midfoot area that the foot is supported – and is unable to slip forwards – hence the shoe pinching. 

The fit is determined by the shoe’s width, the distance of the heel and toes from the ground, the design and, ultimately, the model and material concerned. Here, at Sioux, we know exactly how these factors come together. At Sioux, ultra soft inner linings, padding and foam sections boost comfort and wearability.

Two main factors determine whether or not a shoe fits: the length and the width. Most people know their shoe size, but only a few know their width. The foot is measured around the instep to determine the width. Optimum comfort is only assured when both factors (shoe size and shoe width) are just right. This ensures a problem-free gait, which – in turn – supports the musculoskeletal system and keeps the feet healthy. We recommend having your feet measured at a shoe shop every few years, as feet change during the course of your life. Whereas the length of adult feet remain very stable, the arch of the foot changes over time – and, as a result, the width required.

Made to measure – the perfect fit

Shoe manufacturing hinges on the last, which ultimately defines the form of the shoe. When it comes to modelling lasts, we only work with the best craftspeople – a worthwhile investment that results in a perfect fit. We have developed a special toe measurement, and there is also an internal Sioux standard for heel grip. The shapes of lasts at Sioux are underpinned not only by the width of the foot, but also the volume of the ball, the heel size and the correct proportions of the toe section (which determines the amount of room for the toes).

Thanks to different lasts in different widths (women: F–H, men: G–J and a special width of K), Sioux offers the perfect width for all feet.

Here, at Sioux, we attach particular importance to the fit and comfort, which is why  our shoes always come with a little extra width. Sioux is renowned throughout the industry for its exceptionally good fit.


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Statistically speaking, the average shoe size of a German man is 42 exactly, which was also the case 40 years ago. Although people are clearly getting taller, it cannot be assumed that their feet are getting longer. When talking about “shoe size”, most people understand the length of the shoe/foot, even though the term also refers to the width.


Basically, working out your shoe size is perfectly simple. To measure it, you need a sheet of paper, the correct mathematical formula, a tape measure/ruler, a pocket calculator and, of course, your feet.


To make sure you get a perfect-fitting shoe, the right shoe size is not enough on its own. The shoe width, which defines the circumference of the forefoot, is no less important.



It is not only the correct shoe size (i.e. length), but also the correct shoe width that determines the comfort of a shoe. Find out how to measure your own shoe width here.


One of the major uncertainties when it comes to buying shoes is the question of which shoe size is the right one to opt for. There are different shoe size systems across the world. Here are the three most relevant systems: US, UK and EU sizes (Paris point). With our shoe size table, you are guaranteed to find the perfect shoes for you.


Moving with light-footed ease came naturally to the North American Indians for millennia – and means one thing above all else for Sioux: ultimate comfort. This is the essential difference between German footwear manufacturer Sioux and other shoes. The famous moccasin feeling can only be truly felt on the feet when the craftsmanship is accomplished by hand. Sioux prides itself on offering a perfect fit and premium comfort.


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