Keeping your feet healthy – why this is important to know
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Keeping your feet healthy

Always taking good care of your feet – foot care that lasts a lifetime. Why it is important and how you can do this

Healthy feet – why this topic interests us as a shoe manufacturer

Here at Sioux, we manufacture shoes. This is why our website and blog are all about good shoes, leather, fashion, shoemaking, craftsmanship and shoe care. With this article, however, we wish to “take a step back” by putting the focus on a part of the body that is not always taken into consideration – your feet. Just as the stability of a tree depends on its roots or a building structure on its foundations, with humans it all starts at the feet. Healthy feet are the key to your overall well-being. So many people are unaware of how amazing and complex this part of their own body is, and how little effort it takes to keep their feet healthy and in good condition. For us, it is important to provide valuable information about the feet and raise awareness on the important topic of foot care.

Please note: this article is not a self-diagnosis tool and by no means replaces a diagnosis by your GP. Although we endeavour to conduct in-depth and careful research on all the topics we publish information about, it goes without saying that we cannot assume any liability for the comprehensiveness and accuracy of everything we say. Pain is a warning signal: if any of the following mobilising and stretching exercises cause you pain, please stop immediately. If you have any persisting pain in the foot area then please seek immediate medical attention.


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