Cleaning your shoes correctly – find out what is important for shoe care here
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Cleaning your shoes correctly

High-quality leather shoes require individual regular care.

Shoe cleaning is an art in itself and a task that fewer and fewer people are unfortunately taking the time to do. This is a shame because shoes are at their best when they are cleaned and maintained well. Not only this, but we also believe that it puts people in good stead and gives off a neat and orderly overall impression to not only take pride in their outer clothing, but also keep their footwear well-maintained. “Smart up top, casual on the bottom” is not a motto that we recommend following for your style inspiration, even with laid-back fashion trends that are popular nowadays.

This is especially true for the high-quality natural products that Sioux produces, which respond excellently to good care and maintenance. Just as you would regularly use hand cream to protect your own skin, you should treat your “second skin”, i.e. your shoes, just as well. That way, you will be able to maintain the original condition of yours shoes, extend their lifespan and enjoy them for as long as possible. We often get feedback from proud customers, who have taken good care of their shoes, reporting that they are still enjoying wearing them after twenty or thirty years. A Sioux shoe truly is a friend for life, and we are so proud of this.

Depending on the weather and how often you wear the shoes, you should carry out this cleaning process every three to six weeks. Taking care of your shoes does not have to be a chore in our opinion – it can even be fun.


How do I take care of leather shoes made of smooth leather?

As leather is a natural product, it requires certain oils, which are initially extracted during the tanning process and reapplied to the material afterwards. The shoes gradually lose these oils through everyday wear and other influences. If the leather does not have these particular oils and fats, it loses its elasticity and shine.

The primary purpose of shoe cleaning is therefore to prevent the leather from drying out and replace the moisture which the leather has lost, therefore maintaining its shine and suppleness.

To get rid of any dust and dirt, you should firstly clean the shoe with a brush. After this step, please regularly apply a colourless (or matching) shoe polish and rub this all over the shoe, letting the polish penetrate the leather. Finally, repolish the shoe with a soft cloth.

The shoe should be regularly impregnated on rainy days or in autumn and winter time. Significant strain is put on the leather if the shoe becomes soaked.


How do I care for shoes made from suede leather?

Small particles of dirt can be removed from suede leather very easily by using a brush. If you have cleaned the shoe whilst wet or with a special cleaning foam to remove stubborn dirt, then you should roughen the shoe afterwards using a brush.

Can I also clean the leather soles?

Shoes with leather soles should be cleaned at least once every season and every three months in autumn and winter using a special oil for leather soles. Spread the oil evenly across the sole using a brush.


How do I care for textile surfaces?

Here we recommend first trying to clean them using a damp cloth (without detergent). If you are dealing with stubborn dirt, then use a liquid hand soap to help with this process. You should always start with the gentlest cleaning method, only changing method if this is unsuccessful. If you would like to use other cleaning agents (at your own risk), then you should always test these on a discreet part of the shoe. Hard cleaning chemicals or abrasive cleaners should not be used on the shoe or outer material under any circumstances. A Sioux shoe should also never be put in the washing machine. This is due to the fact that we also use leather inner linings for our textile shoes, making it a complete no go. Even using low temperature and hand wash settings can cause irreversible damage the leather structure.


How do I keep white soles clean (e.g. those featured on Grashoppers)?

In recent years, white rubber soles have become exceedingly popular in the shoe fashion world. It goes without saying that this kind of sole is very sensitive to dirt. If you wish to clean a white sole, then we recommend simply using a spare kitchen sponge, moistening it and starting by using water alone to remove the dirt. If you are dealing with stubborn dirt, use a liquid hand soap to help with this process. You should always start with the gentlest cleaning method, only changing method if this is unsuccessful. Hard cleaning chemicals or abrasive cleaners should not be used on the shoe under any circumstances.


After cleaning

After cleaning, insert shoe trees into the shoes so that they retain their shape. If you do not own shoe trees, then you can improvise easily using old newspapers. Before wearing the shoe for the first time, we recommend that you impregnate them, in order to protect them from moisture and dirt.

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The impeccable condition that your shoes arrive in will show signs of wear and tear over time. It is worthwhile using the correct care product for your shoes in order to counteract this.



A shoe brush is an essential tool for every type of shoe care. It is important to use the correct shoe brush for the respective outer material of the shoe and to preserve the leather rather than unintentionally cause additional wear. Thoroughly caring for your shoes always starts with brushing the shoes and ends with the final polishing.


Just like our skin, leather also needs regular care in order to stay soft, durable and crease-free. The same goes for our shoes. Those who regularly take the time to polish their shoes provide them with suppleness and elasticity whilst protecting them from moisture.


Our suede leather is our most fashionable and luxurious leather. Impregnation spray is often the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to the topic of shoe care, and rightly so, however impregnation is only half of the story. Find out the reasons why here.


Impregnating your shoes – arguably the most well-known way of caring for your own shoes. Find out here exactly how the impregnation process works, what factors are important to consider with this treatment and the shoes which benefit most from this process.


A Sioux shoe is truly a trusted companion thanks to its high quality. But even premium materials need support in order to offer protection against environmental influences. Taking care of a Sioux shoe properly means maintaining its worth and exceptional comfort for a long time.


Taking breaks from wearing your leather shoes makes a significant impact in terms of increasing their lifespan. Those who regularly take a break from wearing their shoes benefit from a high standard of shoe hygiene as well as being able to preserve the optimal fit of their shoes for as long as possible.


You may well believe that you already learned how to take your shoes on and off as a toddler. That is true of course, but we are concerned with doing this in a way that best preserves your high-quality leather shoes.


Lasts are used as part of the shoe manufacturing process. These are modelled on the human foot and give the shoe its shape and stability. In everyday use, shoe trees should be used to take on this role.


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