What do the feet have to do with the hands?
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What the feet have to do with the hands – and why it is not just your tyres you have to worry about becoming flat when it comes to getting around!

The construction of the human foot is very similar to that of the hand. It is almost a perfect copy. The hand only just takes the lead in terms of number of bones with 27 bones. Regardless of whether this down to God’s creation or evolution: it boasts an excellent structural design. A product of sophisticated evolution, the foot is, in principle, nothing more than a stiffened, former gripping tool that can still be admired in its original form today when observing great apes. Monkeys still have four gripping hands today for reasons of practicality. However, the foot’s current construction had to change somewhat from its former state, which was primarily as a gripping tool, in order to create an extremity that now holds a load of over 100 kilograms and ensures a permanent and steady upright position. If you wring a damp towel so it packs together tightly, a construction is created that is quite stable. This is what can be observed in the foot. There are two arches (a longitudinal arch from balls of the feet to the heel and a transverse arch from big to small toe) which are spirally connected together in a way that enables them to act as shock absorbers and ideally cushion and roll the human body weight.

If this arch sinks, it can lead to diseases of the foot, known as fallen arches, flat foot or splay-foot. If the arch is too pronounced, the deformity is referred to as hollow foot. Keeping this arch in the right place is what we consider to be one of the main factors involved in keeping your feet healthy. This factor is something that should not be taken for granted, as it something that is actively achieved through your own efforts. This can be done by undertaking the appropriate exercises and wearing the right footwear.



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