Sioux Natural Move System - exceptional comfort guaranteed
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Sioux Natural Move System

Revolutionising the business shoe

Sioux has reinvented the business shoe: we've combined the classic business shoe with our Sioux Natural Move System™. The result is a modern business shoe boasting the same comfortable features as trainers, making them perfect for wearing both in the office and in your free time thanks to their exceedingly soft feel and comfortable fit.

The 10 benefits at a glance:

✓  A classic, professional look

✓  Outer material and inner lining made from premium cowhide

✓  Extra-soft, padded shaft for optimal comfort

✓  Air-cushioned sole ensuring correct roll-through movements & excellent comfort

✓  Anatomically sculpted, softly padded removable insole

✓  Insoles can be replaced with own orthopaedic inserts

✓  Breathable materials keep the foot dry and at a comfortable temperature

✓  Extra-wide shoe (H-width) for broader feet

✓  Outstanding quality and craftsmanship

✓  Unbeatable value for money

The innovative air cushion sole with honeycomb technology:

The sole provides excellent grip thanks to the tread pattern on its surface. At the same time, it boasts an innovative honeycomb system comprising numerous small pockets of air. These honeycombs evenly absorb your weight when walking and standing, and ensure excellent comfort during the roll-through movement and general wear. Creating heavenly comfort – no one does it like Sioux.

Honeycomb system (upper surface):

Air pockets (lower surface):

The leather-covered removable insole:

The anatomically sculpted, leather-covered removable insole ensures a natural and relaxed gait. The active roll-through movement and arch support strengthen the muscles in the foot and take pressure off the spine.

We have also padded the edge of the shaft for extra comfort.

The wonderfully comfortable, extra-wide fit provides plenty of space (even for wider feet) and the high-quality interior will make you feel like you are walking on the clouds.

Sioux has been delivering premium quality and innovative shoe concepts for 63 years now. This is why our men's shoe models; Foriso, Forello, Forkan, Fokko and Formias (in XL-length) feature a very special addition: the trend-setting "Natural Move System ™". All of our models are characterised by their exceptional comfort, unbeatable flexibility and wonderfully soft feel.

Note: not suitable for models in narrow widths (F and G width).


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